Where is the most expensive rent in Europe? (2023)

Where in Europe has the highest rent?

In 2021 was the most expensive rental housing market in EuropePariswith rental costs of approx. 29.1 euros per square meter.

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Which country is the most expensive to rent?

Oslo, the capital of Norway, has some of the most expensive rents in the world. A one-bedroom studio in the capital is estimated to cost $1,193 per month. The rest of the country isn't much cheaper and ranks higher on the cost of living index than New York City at 101.43.

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Where in Europe is housing more expensive?

Next comes Luxembourg, where a house has an average price of £480,027.
The 10 most expensive places to live in Europe: Paris turns out to be the most expensive
Population (2020)65.273.511
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June 28, 2021

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Where is the most expensive place in Europe?

Expatriate cost of living index in Europe
classificationciudadPrice index: *
Geneva, Switzerland)241
Zurich, Suiza)236
Basel, Switzerland)220
Lausanne (Switzerland)218
102 more lines

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Where in Europe is rent cheap?

According to this study, these are the ten cheapest cities to rent in Europe right now:
  • Skopje, North Macedonia: €391 per month.
  • Pristina, Kosovo – 417 € al mes.
  • Iasi, Romania: €415 per month.
  • Lviv, Ukraine: €452 per month.
  • Kharkiv, Ukraine: €470 per month.
  • Brasov, Romania: €490 per month.
  • Timisoara, Romania: €517 per month.
12 January 2022

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Which European city has the highest cost of living?

Zurich, Switzerland)It is considered the most expensive city in Europe. According to Expatistan research, the city's price index is 244.

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Which areas have the highest rents?

Here are the states with the highest rent estimates for one-bedroom apartments in October 2022 based on the housing list:Hawai ($1.718) New York ($1,678) California ($1,658)

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Where has the rent gone up the most?

Statewide, Utah, Oregon, New Hampshire, and Illinois experienced large rent increases: Utah led the most, with a median rent of $710 in 2021, rising to $1,535 in 2022, based on an annual change of 116, 18%. In several other states, rents have increased from 30% to 50% and more.

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Which European country has the highest disposable income?

This statistic shows the annual net-adjusted disposable income of households in selected European countries in US dollars. Luxembourg had the highest annual income at over $47,000, while Latvia had the lowest at just over $19,000.
FeatureAnnual income in thousands of US dollars
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April 14, 2022

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What piece of land can be rented for $70,000 a night?

Surprisingly, every citizen of the world can rent a microstate in Europe,Liechtenstein, for one day for $70,000. Travelers with that much money have the chance to be head of state for a day and even enjoy personalized street names and temporary currency, among other perks.

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