How much gold and elixir do you need to get the most out of Town Hall 10? (2023)

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How much gold do you need to upgrade to Town Hall 10?

Town Hall 8: 10000000 Gold/Elixir, 100000 Dark Elixir. Town Hall 9: 11500000 Gold/Elixir, 115000 Dark Elixir. City Hall 10:13000000 Gold/Elixir, 130000 Dark Elixir. Town Hall 11: 14000000 Gold/Elixir, 140000 Dark Elixir.

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How much does it cost to reach the maximum town hall 10?

How long does it take for TH10 to reach its maximum? Maybe it takes4 to 5 monthsto max town hall 10 without any magic items or gold passport.

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Should I name the town hall with no more than 10?

When should you take TH10?It is always recommended to only upgrade your Town Hall after every building, troop, wall and hero has been fully maxed out. If you're the timid type, at least wait until everything except heroes is depleted.

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What is the max queen level for TH10?

The maximum level for the Archer Queen in the Town Hall is 10Level 40. Level 40: Both Archer Queen and Barbarian King in Town Hall 10 can be upgraded to level 40.

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What is the maximum gold capacity in TH15?

Gold storage
levelCostStorage capacity
12 more rows

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Should I rush from TH10 to TH11?

Going to 11 should be fine in your state. TH10 is like a much better version of TH8, you get a new hero and access to super troops (not all). TH11 is the ideal place to farm, there are a lot of dead bases and the collectors get all new lanes and a cap (unless they release new lanes for TH14 in the future).

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Which town hall level lasts the longest until maxed out?

Clan Castle and Eagle Artillery upgradesCity Hall 15are the longest upgrades in Clash of Clans, lasting 20 days each. The Clan Castle upgrade costs 20,000,000 Elixirs, while the Eagle Artillery requires 21,500,000 gold for the final upgrade.

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Is it bad to modernize the town hall too quickly?

Remember thatif you rush too fast without completing some core upgrades(eg farming troops and unlocking/upgrading spells, upgrading army camps and completing basic hero levels) you will find it harder to farm resources due to less loot available when…

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Should I max my heroes before upgrading to TH10?

If you're a hardcore warhead, keep upgrading everything, including heroes and labs, to the max. If you are a normal player, complete all your buildings and then level up to TH10. With Lv. 15 or 20 Queen doesn't matter as long as you keep upgrading them when you hit TH10.

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What level is King-Queen in TH10?

Like the Barbarian King, the Archer Queen also reaches a similar maximum level of TH10.The maximum level of the Archer Queen in Town Hall 10 is 40.

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What is the max king level for TH10?

The maximum level of the barbarian king in the town hall is 10Level 40. The maximum level of the Barbarian King in Town Hall 11 is level 50. The maximum level of the Barbarian King in Town Hall 12 is level 65. The maximum level of the Barbarian King in Town Hall 13 is level 75.

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How to get a dark potion fast?

Dark Elixir exercises are the only source of collecting Dark Elixir without attacking. They fill every hour with 360 DE at the lowest level. Collecting it 6 times will give you 2160 Dark Elixir. At max level they have 1,800 DE, which equates to 10,800 DE if picked up six times.

How much gold and elixir do you need to get the most out of Town Hall 10? (2023)
How long is Th10 11?

So try to reach the maximum. Crucially, it takes a full year to reach th9, while th10 takes 1.5 years and th11 takes 2 years. The above time is based solely on the maximum number of lab upgrades, which will take relatively longer than any other remaining upgrades. I hope this answer suits you.

What troops should I use for Th10?

Clash of Clans: Best Armies and Attack Strategies for Town Hall Level 10
  • 2 – Drage + Rage Spell + Healing Spell.
  • 3 – Giant + Archer + Dragon. ...
  • 4 - Balloons + Minions + Rage Spell + Lightning Spell. ...
  • 5 - Valkyrier + Healer + Rage Spell + Lynet Spell. ...
  • 6 - Archers + Pig Riders + Wall Breakers + Healing Spells. ...
June 23, 2023

Is it better to exhaust everything before upgrading the town hall?

Your defenses, walls and probably heroes and troops are nowhere near the level of your town hall. If you upgrade, you may receive a "rushed" label.Personally, I would suggest maxing out your base, including the walls.

Does COC contain TH15?

History.Giga Inferno (on TH15) was introduced on October 10, 2022 with the "Town Hall 15" update.

How long does it take to max a TH15?

General upgrade costs and duration
construction time10 months, 28 days, 20 days
Lab time1j 7mo 4d
Pet time9Mo 20T 0U

When should I stop taking COC?

When should I stop rushing? At Town Hall 9, the upgrade costs start to get high, so some stop rushing to Town Hall 9. Others rushuntil they unlock a certain troop like Electro Dragon. Some people will stop rushing to Town Hall 12 because it's hard to upgrade the Giga-Tesla while in a hurry.

Why is haste bad in Clash of Clans?

It costs a small amount of gold to find a base, which is usually not much if you are well built and have a healthy trading income. If you are busy,The exchange penalty made it difficult to gather resources. Matchmaking can usually take away all the gold before you even find a good attack base.

How do you beat Town Hall 10?

The most effective spell combinations include:All lightning spells, all rage spells, or a combination of four lightning spells and one rage spell. GoWiBo is another powerful strategy for both clan wars and multiplayer matches in Town Hall 10, especially if you have access to clan slots bowlers and a siege engine.

Is COC still popular in 2023?

From January to August 2023, Clash of Clans generated nearly $223.55 million in revenue from in-app purchases. Supercell's flagship IP is still going strong after its initial release in 2012. The recently released Clash Royale generated $76.46 million in IAP revenue during the same period.

Which town hall is the hardest?

Being a high level th15 leaguer, I can confirm that th15 is the hardest for several reasons.
  • Attack/Defense is not yet balanced.
  • Poison spell turrets add an extra area of ​​effect that shreds multiple units.
  • Monolith braking ability, enough said.
  • Hero Power Creep is a role. ...
  • Personal Information.
22. november 2022

What is a Rushed Base in Clash of Clans?

Hasty means to go too fast. The same applies to CoC. A player is considered rushed in CoC if he/she continues to expand his/her town hall and warehouses without/rarely improving his/her defenses and other buildings.A player, to which this type of player belongsis called a RUSHED base.

Does town hall level affect matchmaking?

Town Hall levels are not taken into account in matchmaking, troop, hero or spell levels or defense building levels in any way.

What are level 15 walls in Clash of Clans?

Level 15 walls aregold colored with a pattern on top surrounded by a purple-black stone with a gold border on it. The gold at the top of the wall connects as it connects to other segments, and green light intermittently reflects on the flowing green water.

Can you automatically update my COC?

Clash of Clans has a brilliant auto-upgrade feature designed to help players who have been inactive for a long time.After a period of inactivity of more than 90 days, buildings in the villages with inactive players will automatically be upgradedso that progress is not lost.

Is it worth upgrading walls in Clash of Clans?

Upgrade walls efficiently

It is better to have a full set of level 7 walls instead of a short set of level 10 walls and the rest no more than level 5. This is useless because wall breakers can destroy the weaker walls. Yes, it's hard to do them all, butit will definitely be worth it.

Do you have to rush to the town hall?

Rushing your base is not a bad thing. The reason people do it is because it's the fastest way to max out a certain town hall level. People will always tell you to save all your gems until you get the 5 builders; The reason you want 5 builders is that it will drastically reduce the time it takes to upgrade your base.

What is the range of Queen COC?

She is the second hero to be unlockedCity Hall 9. Archer Queen not only deals much more damage and hits points, but also shoots 1.5 spaces further than a normal archer (5 instead of 3.5 spaces). The Archer Queen shoots 3 quick arrows per shot.

How long does it take to build the Archer Queen?

Sagittarius Queen
levelDamages per secondconstruction time
192492 Take
202552 days 12 hours
212622 days 12 hours
222682 days 12 hours
54 rows more

How do I unlock the queen in COC?

Archer Queen is the second unlockable hero the game has to offerwhen players have reached town hall level 9. She is a single target unit with 725 hit points at base level. The description of the Sagittarian Queen in the game reads: “This graceful huntress is a master of destruction, although her health is modest.

What level is Archer Queen at Th10?

Archer Queen max levels

The Archer Queen can be upgraded to a specific level in each Town Hall. Below are the Archer Queen maximum levels for each Town Hall level: The Archer Queen maximum level in Town Hall 9 is 30.The maximum level of the Archer Queen in Town Hall 10 is 40.

How much is Grand Warden's net worth?

The active power of the great overseer,Eternal Tom, makes all friendly troops in his aura invulnerable to damage for a short time. Eternal Tome, like most other hero abilities, is upgraded every five levels, with the duration of the ability increasing with each upgrade.

How much is 4 dark elixir?

Dark Elixir Storage
levelCostStorage capacity
6 rows more

How much elixir is 1 dark elixir worth?

The phrase "three times as strong" can also be interpreted as exponentiation, with the fact that for gems, 1 dark elixir is equal to (3-1=2) power of 10, which is the same100, Elixir.

Why is dark elixir so valuable?

Dark Elixir is one of the most important currencies in Clash of ClansNecessary for training Dark Elixir troops, upgrading heroes, and training dark magic such as Skeleton Spells.

How much gold do you need to max town hall 11?

General upgrade costs and duration
Gold332,3 mio
elixir218 mio
Mixed320 mio
Dark Elixir3,19 mio

How much does it cost to upgrade from TH9 to TH10?

To answer your question in one line, use50 kg. Goldfor upgrading from TH9 to TH10. What Elixr-only attacks are there for Th9?

How long does it take to upgrade the gold mine to level 10?

Gold mine
levelCostconstruction time
714.0000 days 6 hours
828.0000 days 8 hours
956.0000 days 10 hours
1075.0000 Take12 timer
11 rows more

How much gold does City Hall 14 cost?

City Hall 14
Upgrade timeUpgrade costsHitters
20 Take16 mioGold8900
6. april 2021

How long does it take to drive from Max Stadhuis 10 to Max 11?

TH9 - it will take about 8 months if the builders don't hibernate until all defense buildings are depleted. Finally, you have two builders who constantly improve the heroes. TH10 – approximately 6 months. can be fully exploited as the heroes only need to be upgraded to 10 additional levels. TH11 – 6 more months.

What is the longest upgrade in Clash of Clans?

Clan Castle and Eagle Artillery (20 Tage)

The Clan Castle and Eagle Artillery upgrades in Town Hall 15 are the longest upgrades in Clash of Clans, each taking 20 days to complete. The Clan Castle upgrade costs 20,000,000 Elixirs, while the Eagle Artillery requires 21,500,000 gold for the final upgrade.

How many days does it take to complete a COC?

Powered by IGN Wiki Guides
A playerInterrogatedAverage
Main story535u
Main menu + extras7146u 8m
completes3575 timer
All playing styles15194u 52m

Do I have to max everything before I upgrade the town hall?

Work on modernizing all structures. If you've fully upgraded all of your walls and are looting resources faster than your builders can use them, it's probably more efficient to upgrade your Town Hall and then complete the remaining upgrades. Complete the lab upgrades for the troops and spells you use.

Does it make sense to upgrade the town hall quickly?

It is very stupid to rush the expansion of your town hall, because then the building level will be less good than that of the town hall. The only thing that can happen is you get low level buildings and your progress will never be easy because you will have less resources than you need.

What happens after mining level 120?

Last level: Lava clay, purple

The last floor or level 120 in the mines is itFrom level 80 to 109, return to a lava soil with a purple hue. Additionally, there will no longer be any enemies here and no more threats will appear on this floor. Treasure: Skull Key. On this floor, players can get a special Skull Key.

When was Rådhus 15 added?

History. Giga Inferno (at TH15) was introducedOctober 10, 2022Update "Town Hall 15".

How much does a town hall 13 cost?

town hall
levelDamages per secondCost
11 rows more

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